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How Website Design Is Like Building A House

Similar to when you first open your doors, your website build is as important as the design and flow of your workspace. You wouldn’t invite customers into your place of business with an empty store or office, with no efforts to drive conversion for your clients. When it comes to  website design services, we specialize in placing strategic elements throughout your site, encouraging visitors to convert to customers. We liken this to building a house, where the foundation is the most important structure of the build. Your website will be built on a solid foundation and layout, no matter the size of the project. For this reason even a small website will be in a position to grow and expand on that solid foundation down the road. The amount of detail and design that goes into the project is up to you as we can provide elements like pictures and logos, but you are more than welcome to supply your own logo and pictures for the continuity of your image and brand. Having done the keyword research in advance, we will be able to provide relevant content to your specific niche, or edit the content you provide to ensure it is relevant. The content is like the wood frame built on top of your house’s foundation, and the design elements are like the wall colour, cabinet, floor and tile selections. It all comes together in the end to present a clean and aesthetic appeal, prepared to welcome visitors and potential buyers through the door.
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2 Simple Ways to Control the Cost of Your Google Ads Campaign

Are your google ads campaigns burning a hole in your marketing budget? Are you frustrated with the performance of your PPC ads? It’s common for business owners to feel like they are spending large sums of money for less than desirable returns when it comes to google ads. However, the following 2 strategies can not only help save you money, but also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your pay-per-click google ads.

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3 Reasons to Invest in Professional SEO Services for Your Business

It’s a well known fact that SEO is an important factor to consider when it comes to businesses having an online presence. If you want to be accessible to new customers online, professional SEO services  can help position your business right in front of them. Even though the fastest way to gain exposure is with targeted pay-per-click google ads or other social media ads, an effective SEO ranking strategy can be much more cost effective over the long run. The following describes 3 reasons to invest in an SEO marketing campaign.


How Website SEO Audits and Keyword Research Parallel Real Estate

Conducting an audit for your website is very similar to real estate in the instance that you’re trying to sell a house. Prior to making the decision to put a house on the market, it is common practice to conduct due diligence before setting your price. Likewise, by performing a website SEO audit we can identify all that is good with your web property as well as the opportunities for improvement.