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5 Reasons To Use Video For Your Online Marketing Strategies

During a marketing campaign for one of our clients, we came across some benefits we could only attribute to the use of video marketing. In this post, we hope to help business owners think about whether video marketing is a worthy investment for their online marketing strategies. Below is an example of some video content we produced for a client in the restaurant industry. Continue reading after the video for some of the benefits created by such marketing strategies.

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1. Better Conversions With Dynamic Content

This first reason we recommend video is because of it’s dynamic nature. It is well known that individuals are more likely to interact and engage with video content as opposed to static images or words on a page. Think of your own actions when you are on your mobile device or at home. How many video ads do you interact with versus images. Why is YouTube such a powerful and dominating force? It was not long ago where television channels dominated our tv’s, yet these days video streaming has taken over in our homes. Whether you watch YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or any of the many other streaming services available, you will likely agree that the visual appeal of video can actually be somewhat addictive to our nature as humans. As a business owner, you have the ability to leverage the natural habits of the majority. Sure, images convert well too. In fact, pictures, gifs, and memes are great ways to communicate your message as well. We just hope you see the value in dynamic content that triggers more than one of the senses at the same time, being visual and audio.

2. Increased Reach & Improved SEO

Syndicating video content across multiple platforms provides a number of benefits for business owners. Firstly, it helps to broaden the reach of the content, ensuring it has the widest possible audience. By sharing videos across social media, streaming services, and other channels, your business can reach new viewers who may not have come across their content before. Additionally, syndication can lead to increased revenue opportunities, as more ad views and clicks can be generated by reaching a wider audience. Finally, syndicating video content can help improve SEO and online visibility, as it generates multiple instances of the same content across different platforms, which can improve search ranking and enhance brand recognition.

3. Advanced Targeting Opportunities

Businesses can use YouTube videos for advanced targeting with Google Ads by creating video content that is highly relevant to their target audience and using specific targeting options available within Google Ads. By selecting the relevant demographics, interests, topics, and keywords, businesses can ensure that their video ads are shown to the right people at the right time, thereby increasing the chances of engagement and conversion. In addition, businesses can use custom segments to place content in front of people who have specifically searched for chosen keywords, visited specific websites (industry related or competitors), or people who are using specific smart phone apps. This allows them to further segment their audience and create more personalized ad campaigns. Overall, using YouTube videos for advanced targeting with Google Ads can help businesses reach their ideal customers and achieve better results from their advertising efforts.

4. Increased Brand Awareness

Whether you decide to post video content organically on your social media channels or run paid ad campaigns, videos are considered “interruption ads.” This means the viewer is not necessarily looking for what you offer at the moment your video appears in their feed. However, this is a great way to let people know who you are and what your business is about. By consistently posting content or telling a story with paid ads, your audience gets to know and grow with you. They learn something new, whether about your business or “how-to” scenarios, while you gain brand awareness and recognition. Staying top of mind when your audience decides they want or need the products or services you offer. The other benefit is that, when viewers decide to become customers, you have already built a relationship and trust with them. They are more likely to follow through with a purchase after contacting your business or browsing your products.

5. Mobile-Friendly Reach

It is without a shred of a doubt that mobile devices have completely revolutionized the way internet content is accessed and consumed. The ever-increasing ease at which video content can be accessed means that it is well within reach of a diverse audience. One cannot underestimate the power of video content when it comes to effectively targeting and reaching mobile users. This is because most people tend to consume their desired videos on mobile devices. Of course, deploying this powerful tool requires a level of creativity, strategic insight, and the right support system to deliver your message effectively.

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