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3 Reasons to Invest in Professional SEO Services for Your Business

It’s a well known fact that SEO is an important factor to consider when it comes to businesses having an online presence. If you want to be accessible to new customers online, professional SEO services  can help position your business right in front of them. Even though the fastest way to gain exposure is with targeted pay-per-click google ads or other social media ads, an effective SEO ranking strategy can be much more cost effective over the long run. The following describes 3 reasons to invest in an SEO marketing campaign.

Organic Traffic and Leads

Why is it so important to organically rank on page one of a google search? Studies show that over 70% of the click throughs from a search go to the websites on page one. If your website is located on page two, you may get some of the spill over from time to time. Any position past page two may as well be buried, as the visibility of the website is pretty much 0%. With all that said, out of all the click throughs that are attributed to page one search results, over a third of those clicks go to the website in the #1 position. Depending on your market or location, that could easily result in thousands of new visits to your business website every single month. People search for products and services at the point where they are ready to buy, or almost ready. This presents the opportunity for your business to convert sales immediately. It’s also important to note that for the majority of searched keywords, most individuals will scroll past the ads to try and find what they are looking for among the organic search results. There is also an inherent trust that is established with your business because big daddy Google says you’re the one.

Tangible Monetary Value and Asset Growth

Even though we all hear about how powerful SEO can be for generating leads, one of the lesser discussed reasons to rank your website is for the equitable gains. Investing in SEO is just that; an investment. Just like any other asset, such as real estate holdings, or the business itself, your website is considered a digital asset that holds value. If you were to sell your business, part of the website’s value can be determined by how much traffic it generates on a monthly basis. If your website ranks at the top of google for multiple keyword phrases, the traffic being generated is like having a virtual rolodex that is constantly growing. It’s likely that you’ve converted a number of sales in any given month because of organic traffic, and then added those people to your book of business for repeat sales in the future. Have you ever heard the term “The money is in the list?” A well ranked website is like a machine that automatically builds that list day after day. The money you invest upfront for professional SEO services pays dividends both in helping you generate sales and also by holding equity in a growing asset.

Secure More Digital Real Estate

The world wide web is like its own digital real estate market. Location matters when you are looking to own your piece of the pie, so the more physical space you can own on page one of google search results the more digital real estate you can control. You’ll notice that in most searches for products and services, a map pack appears with the top three organically ranked map listings. In most cases you’ll also notice that these top three map listings coincide with the top three organic search results. There are some cases where this is not true, however for the majority it is. By investing in your website and securing your position at the top, you automatically give the map listing a chance to rank as well. Having two web properties glued to the top is much better than just one and provides your prospects more ways top find you and convert to a customer.

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