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Let’s keep it simple. Our services are positioned to help you establish and scale your business online. Not only do we provide web design in Grande Prairie, but we also identify strategic opportunities to drive hoards of traffic and qualified leads to your business.

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Our website design services are geared towards giving you the most value possible; based on your specific budget and goals.

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We include maintenance, upkeep, daily backups and security against brute force attacks with our web hosting  services.

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My Website Already Has SEO, Why Do I Need An Off Page Strategy?

So you have a website, and it has been optimized locally in hopes that google and other search engines will find it and understand what you are trying to offer your customers. However, if the on page optimization is where you’ve stopped, you’ll be waiting a very long time to see your website on the first page of any search engine (assuming you have competition).

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How Website Design Is Like Building A House

Similar to when you first open your doors, your website build is as important as the design and flow of your workspace. You wouldn’t invite customers into your place of business with an empty store or office, with no efforts to drive conversion for your clients. When it comes to  website design services, we specialize in placing strategic elements throughout your site, encouraging visitors to convert to customers. We liken this to building a house, where the foundation is the most important structure of the build.


How Website SEO Audits and Keyword Research Parallel Real Estate

Conducting an audit for your website is very similar to real estate in the instance that you’re trying to sell a house. Prior to making the decision to put a house on the market, it is common practice to conduct due diligence before setting your price. Likewise, by performing a website SEO audit we can identify all that is good with your web property as well as the opportunities for improvement.